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Ninety percent of hair loss cases in women can be attributed to hereditary thinning of hair. […]
There are several factors that can result in hair loss. One common disease is a disorder […]
Alopecia areata is characterized by loss of body and scalp hair. It is a condition that […]
Hair covers most of the scalp, and consists of a very large number of hairs. Each […]
Hair loss is a serious major problem that will affect anyone. When your hair follicles begin […]
Hair loss is one of the problems that affect both the body and the mind. Hair […]
The term Hansen disease instead of leprosy is now preferred by some experts, because of it […]
Alopecia Areata (AA) is a kind of  hair   loss   disease  in which  hair  can be lost […]
A healthy body has healthy beautiful hair. Our hair is a reflection of our health. At […]