Alopecia Areata is a hair loss disease that is mostly dominant in men. This disease is characterized by the bald patches on the scalp however not limited to it. This disorder is mostly caused by drugs that are used in treating severe diseases like cancer. These drugs may be useful in treating such ailments however as a side effect they can cause alopecia. However, if the prescribed medication – that is causing hair loss – is stopped, hair starts to grow back again.

There are lots of other cases as well that have shown to cause alopecia such as diabetes. This disease causes different problems in the human body and slowing down the blood circulation is one of them. A smooth circulation of blood to the scalp is very necessary in order to grow stronger and healthier hair.

It is a common fact that hair plays a very significant role in our life. This is the reason that we see thousands of companies offering numerous products on hair style, hair growth, hair color etc. Although there is no doubt that we give our utmost consideration to hair style but don’t give much consideration to hair care. Thus, we experience thin hair which gradually leads to hair fall or baldness.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the most common causes of alopecia areata.

• Autoimmune disorder is a critical cause behind excessive hair loss. In this kind of disease the immune system of your body starts harming itself which in turn causes hair loss. Many studies have shown and proved that this disorder is the main factor that causes alopecia areata.

• Hair loss in men can also be caused due to numerous skin infections, particularly of the fungal origin. When such infections affect the skin of your scalp, you may experience bald patches, in other words, alopecia.

• Another significant cause of alopecia can be hypothyroidism. Thyroid gland is a vital part of our system that monitors the growth of our body, its metabolism and other important functions. This gland produces critical hormones that control the different processes of our body. If these glands produce insufficient hormones, our body starts functioning abnormally, causing different changes such as hair loss.

• Poor diet is yet another factor that can cause hair loss in males and females both. The deficiency in your diet would lead to lack of vital proteins, vitamins or minerals. If this lack of diet continues, it can affect not only your metabolism but hair growth as well.


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