Eating disorders are very common amongst young men and women. They develop from pressure from the society to look a certain way. The most common eating disorders develop from people who desire to be slim or who think they are too fat. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia have been known to affect a large percentage of young people. However, these conditions have adverse effects on health, losing the essential nutrients essential in the body. This is how eating disorders cause  hair   loss .

People suffering from anorexia nervosa have a fear of becoming fat or gaining more weight. Because of this fear, they begin extreme dieting and sometimes extreme exercising as well. Even when feeling very hungry, the sufferer will resist eating food. The condition is also accompanied by stress and depression. If there is no food being eaten, then there are no nutrients that are coming in. the body needs nutrients for cell growth and many other processes and theses nutrients are only obtained from the food we eat. Hair needs to be fed and oxygenated. Without any nutrients, cells may die, causing  hair   loss .

Bulimia is another eating disorder related to anorexia nervosa. People with this disorder tend to overeat in a short space of time referred to as bingeing and then induce vomiting or diarrhea. Diarrhea is conduced through the use of laxatives. There is loss of water and nutrients, especially potassium in bulimia sufferers. Potassium constitutes part of cells and is important for signal transduction and opening pores of cells for the entry of oxygen, nutrients, hormones and enzymes.

Overeating is also an eating disorder affecting the hair. This condition also results from societal pressures. Overeating mostly leads to weight gain and obesity. Obesity is a serious problem, as it affects the health as much as weight loss. Obese people have low oxygen levels. This means there will be reduced oxygen to the scalp where it is needed by hair cells. Fats can be deposited around the arteries that supply blood to the scalp. The clogging of these arteries means there is reduced blood supply. Blood is rich in nutrients and oxygen.

A well balanced diet is very important for the components of the body to function normally. A nutritionist can advise you on the optimum dietary intakes. Each diet should contain adequate proteins, starch, vitamins, fiber, vitamins, fats and minerals. Each of these elements is essential for different functions in the body. Exercising is also essential for a healthy body. A good diet coupled with exercising increases blood circulation in the body. An increase in nutrients and oxygen ensures that cells are healthy. Healthy hair cells will continue to divide and the hair will continue to grow healthy.

Eating disorders causing  hair   loss  can be a major problem. Disorders are mostly caused by problems of self confidence. Losing hair will reduce confidence even further. Treatment can be sought for eating disorders. Sufferers can go for counseling in order to boost self esteem. Being able to eat right will boost hair growth.


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