Hair loss is a subject that may concern many people, both men and women, but perhaps most especially men. This is because, although the same can also be considered for women, men give utmost importance to their hair.

Women also give great importance to their hair and the truth is that it also occurs among women, not only men.

Surely it is never something a person wants to have, because the it will change the physical appearance of the person suffering. However, there are several reasons why hair loss happens, among which some can be seen as follows:

Some men may be more likely to suffer from hair loss due to family genes, but the medical community is still not completely convinced that genes play an important role;

Drugs – some drugs due to their side effects may cause some hair loss, these side effects should, however, stop as soon as you stop taking the drug;

Hair Styles – some can cause hair loss, such as the pony-tail, the use of gel, the use of hair dryers and curling machines;

Disease – certain diseases can cause hair loss;

Hormonal problems – if your thyroid gland is too active or very active, it may cause hair loss. This may cease to exist in the case of thyroid disease;

Infections – Some fungal infections of the scalp can lead to hair fall. Such infections can be easily treated with anti-fungal treatments;

Although it may be caused in many ways, is not a health condition that has no cure or that can not be treated. If handled right at the beginning of their symptoms appear, effective treatments, hair loss can often cease and treatments can cause new hair growth.


Treatments can be found in large quantities today. Creams, sprays, liquids, shampoos, ampoules, surgery and implants are some ways that can be found in the treatment of various forms of hair loss.

The surgery and hair transplants are the most widely used form of treatment, but they are obviously more expensive procedures, because they involve high technology to grow new hair in both men and women. As treatments are very expensive, are mostly used by people more flexible in financial terms.

Who does not want or can spend a lot of money on surgeries and implants, you can always try other alternatives, they can help stop the loss, but also perhaps to grow new hair.

Many of these products are natural products, such as certain creams or sprays, shampoos or certain teas, for example. Since these products are natural, in principle they should not give you any side effects, which is a great advantage, as opposed to possible scarring (surgery) or more adverse reactions of other treatments.


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