What’s a king without a crown? If a king is stripped of his crown, then his true symbol for authority is lost. The crown of man is his  hair , and  hair   loss  is one reality that millions of men (and women) out there are dealing with today. Balding is a natural process that is carried out by our bodies as we grow older. The rate of  hair   loss , however, differs for each individual. Some people still have a decent amount of hair in their old age, some people start losing it in early adulthood.

Actually, if one would be open-minded about it, there’s nothing really wrong with being bald. Admiration should be given to those people who don’t let the world dictate their personalities. Fear and stress are created when balding people try to cover up their thinning hairlines and scalps. Being confident about one’s appearance is a key towards real happiness, and losing hair is one thing that people need to face or accept. Look at Michael Jordan, he’s bald, but nobody ever makes fun of his baldness. I can still remember the late 80s when he didn’t shave his thinning hair. People would notice it at first, but when the game begins, everyone adored him and couldn’t care less about his hair.

But nonetheless,  hair   loss  is really a thing to be dealt with. If it can be stopped, then one should try to, unless of course he doesn’t want to. There are many factors that cause  hair   loss  and there are ways to prevent and treat  hair   loss .

Causes of  hair   loss 

There are several major causes of  hair   loss . Here are some of them:

Hormonal problems

A lot of people lose hair due to problems that are related to hormonal imbalance. For example, when there is an imbalance of female or male hormones (estrogen and androgen) there is a possibility that  hair   loss  will occur. Fortunately, there are treatments out there that can fix problems with regards to hormonal imbalance. Another example is  hair   loss  that is connected with pregnancy. Mothers can attest to the fact that  hair   loss  is quite intense a few months after delivery. This is because there high levels of hormones during pregnancy which cause hair to fall. The good news is that after this stage is through, the normal hair-growth-cycle resumes. So, for all those paranoid new mothers out there, ease yourselves and just go with the flow.

Major surgeries or illnesses

The body experience stress during major surgeries (sometimes, trauma) and this makes hair fall off. Stress is one of the key suspects for  hair   loss . Stress weakens the foundations of one’s hair follicles and this causes hair to fall off. This is also true when one has been sick with a major illness.  Hair   loss  due to these reasons is only temporary.

 Hair   loss  due to medication

There are medicines out there that maybe helpful in treating certain kinds of illnesses but are detrimental to one’s hair. Some medicines have side effects such as  hair   loss . Medicines which are used to treat cancer (those used in chemotherapy), those that are anti-coagulants and those which suppress depression can lead to  hair   loss . Birth avoidance pills can also lead to  hair   loss , even Vitamin A, if too much is taken.

Underlying Disease

 Hair   loss  can also be caused by some underlying  diseases  such as: thyroid disease and diabetes.

Avoidance and Treatment of  Hair   Loss 

There are simple things that can be done to be able to avoid  hair   loss . Of course, these practices will not guarantee hair preservation but at least one did all that he could to be able to preserve his hair. Here are some simple ways on how to help yourself avoid  hair   loss .

1. Eat right. An imbalanced diet adds up to the threat of  hair   loss .

2. Maintain good hygiene. This is self-explanatory.

3. Consult your doctor when taking in medicine.

4. Avoid fancy hairdos such as braids and cornrows. They stretch the scalp and may lead to bald spots

5. Enjoy, release stress.

If one is doing the things mentioned above and is still losing a scary amount of  hair  everyday, he can consult his physician and ask him if he can do something about the  hair   loss  problem. There is no generic treatment for  hair   loss  because each situation is different from another.

Love your hair and do everything to preserve it.


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