Hair loss disease is one of those ailments that affect your confidence and general well being. To get adequate hair loss solutions we need to figure out what the causes of this ailment is. Losing your hair can be caused by different symptoms of diseases. I am just going to tackle a few of the most common causes of hair loss in this article. It can be caused by anaemia, stress and scarring alopecia.

These symptoms of hair loss are no way near all the causes of losing your hair known to man. However, these are the most common and I will do my best in this article to explain what they are and their possible treatment.


Hair loss can be caused by a condition known as anaemia. This is when low levels of red blood cells are not able to get sufficient oxygen to the tissues in your body from your blood stream. One of the symptoms of this condition is that the body is running low on iron. Therefore to help your hair grow and get rid of anaemia, you will have to watch your diet and eat foods high in iron.

Here are some of the foods rich in the iron vitamin:


Watercress and other dark green vegetables


Nuts and Apricots


Intense stress on the body can cause a condition called effluvium.. Effluvium is one of the symptoms that causes thinning of the hair due to stress. The obvious solution will be to rid yourself of worry which leads to stress. You will have to eat a good balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Scarring Alopecia

Scarring alopecia is a group of diseases that destroys the hair follicles on your head and replaces them with scarring tissue. In the beginning of scarring alopecia you will have inflammatory cells around your hair follicle. If you suspect you have scarring alopecia, you should book an appointment to see your dermatologist or doctor as soon as possible. You will have to do a skin biopsy to find out what kind of scarring biopsy you have. The only person that can tell you what kind of alopecia you have is your doctor or dermatologist. They will then go on to tell you of the required treatment. The aim of this article is to give you information only, you should in no way consider it as medical advice.Ultimately, when it comes to your health, you should seek sound medical advice from your doctor.


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