Hair   loss  in dogs is a problem encountered by veterinarians and dog owners around the world. Shampoo that promotes hair growth in dogs is salable and widespread in local stores. Dogs can have bald patches called alopecia, like the ones that most men get when they reach a certain age.

Shampoo that promotes hair growth can help in natural phases of dog hair. Anagen, the phase when a dog’s hair is actively growing; next is Catagen; Telogen, the last phase, is also called the resting phase. New hair enters another anagen phase and the old hair in telogen phase falls off.

If you notice  hair   loss  in your dog, veterinary treatment is a must. Talk to your vet about the following causes for canine  hair   loss :

Hyperadrenocortism (Cushing’s  disease ); Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s  disease ); Hypothyroidism –  hair   loss  at the lower neck beneath the chin going to the brisket, at the side of the body, the back of the thighs and at the top of the tail; Hyperestrogenism –  hair   loss  when there is excessive estrogen supple that causes  hair  to fall around the perineum and genitals; Cortisone excess –  hair   loss  in the trunk of the dog; Hypoestrogenism –  hair   loss  when estrogen supply is lacking. Will cause thinning of hair in vulva and then will worsen and spread in the whole body.

Other  diseases  that can cause  hair   loss  in dogs: Acanthosis nigrans, Color mutant alopecia, Demodectic mange, Pressure sore, nasal solar dermatitis, Ringworm, Sebaceous adenitis, Zinc-responsive dermatosis and Seborrhea.

Aside from shampoo that promotes  hair  growth there are lost of treatment for  hair   loss . For hormonal diseases in dogs, use growth hormone like melatonin to fix the problem. But ask your veterinarian first to be certain that your dog is not infected by other disease; Methimazole for hyperthyroidism; Thyroxin for hypothyroidism; Prednisolone sodium succinate and dexamethasone sodium phospate for hypoadrenocorticism; Deprenyl and mitotane are for hyperadrenocorticism.

Shampoo That Promotes Hair Growth in Dogs is available in your local store. The use of dog shampoo is usually the first attempt to save dogs from being hairless. It is the easiest and most inexpensive way to treat  hair   loss .  Hair   loss  is not often caused by  diseases  and hormonal problems, in many cases,  hair   loss  can be solved by dog shampoos.

Other elements that cause dog’s hair to fall off are fleas, ringworm, mites and other kinds of fungal infection. It is best to use dog shampoo that promotes hair growth in dogs such as Ectokyl, Malaseb and OxyDex. Shampoo that promotes hair growth in dogs has vitamins and minerals that boost the dog nutrients to bring back the life and shine to their hair.


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