Hair Loss Caused By Lichen Planus

There are several factors that can result in hair loss. One common disease is a disorder known as lichen planus. This particular disease is not in itself a direct cause but it is an important trigger and often causes complications with the scalp and can lead to this problem. Lichen planus is more of a [...]

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Hansen’s Disease – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The term Hansen disease instead of leprosy is now preferred by some experts, because of it being less perjorative. Hansen disease was named in honor of the Norwegian physician, Gerhard Armauer Henrik Hansen, who in 1873 discovered the bacillus Mycobacterium leprae, the first microbe found to be the causative agent of a human disease. Hansen's [...]

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An Overview of Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is the disease of the hairs. It affects the hair growth and promotes the hair loss. The person suffering with the Alopecia areate loses the complete hair within a year. The first symptom of this disease is the hair loss over the apex area of head. In this disease the hairs are lost [...]

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Women Drug Treatment – Hair Loss Treatment

American hair loss association is an institution for education and research for hair loss treatment. They have started introducing drugs that could be useful in the hair loss treatment for women. They are not just new drugs, but they are the existing one with a lesser amount of dosage and combination of different drugs.Another reason [...]

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Hair Loss: Causes and Treatment

Permanent or temporary hair loss can occur for many different reasons, and sometimes hair loss can be reversed, depending on the cause. Hair loss and baldness have been problems for both men and women for centuries, and there is still no sure-fire cure for hair loss. However, there are treatments for hair loss and baldness [...]

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