Alopecia areata is the disease of the hairs. It affects the hair growth and promotes the hair loss. The person suffering with the Alopecia areate loses the complete hair within a year. The first symptom of this disease is the hair loss over the apex area of head. In this disease the hairs are lost from some parts or all parts of the body. The condition is very slow developing that is reason why we many times are not able to understand the symptoms. You will certainly note the bald patch one day above your head. The Alopecia areate is noted more commonly in men than women. Scientific studies have concluded that as per the genetics the occurrence of the alopecia areate is more in men because they contain specific gene sequence that is unavailable in women.

Previously the occurrence of the Alopecia areate was being noted in the middle aged or old men, but nowadays even the young men are noted to be suffering with this disorder. This is because of the unhealthy lifestyle routine that we are following. Basically the problem of the Alopecia areate is being linked to the hormonal imbalance. When the amount of the hormone dihydrotestosterone in the body is increased the person suffers with the hair loss issue. This happens when the excessive amount of the enzyme alpha 5 reductase in produced. This converts the testosterone in the body to the dihydrotestosterone. As a result the conversion of the testosterone levels in the body are reduced that ultimately results in the hormonal imbalance.

The excessively produced dihydrotestosterone moves on towards the hair follicles and damage them. This hormone is very harmful for the hair growth. It destructs the nutrient supply to the hairs, which results in the weakening of the hairs. The hair get thin and breakdown very easily. Even their grip from the base is being loosed due to the excessive amount of the dihydrotestosterone. As a result the hair loss is being reported. This is the process through which the hair loss is being boosted when a person suffers with the Alopecia areate. So, please try to keep your hormone levels in the normal range in order to stay away this disease of hair loss.

Sometimes the cause of the Alopecia areate is noted to be autoimmune response of the body. In this case the immune system of the body attacks the hair follicles and retards the hair growth completely. The Alopecia areate is further divided on the different types depending upon the baldness it caused on the different parts of the head. The types of Alopecia are: Alopecia areata monolocularis—It causes baldness only in one spot on the head; Alopecia areata multilocularis—hair loss on multiple areas on head; Alopecia areata totalis—Complete hair loss, this is the most dangerous stage of hair loss from which attaining the complete hair growth again is nearly impossible.

As per the newly published even the environmental factors cause Alopecia areate. The air pollution and water pollution are the reasons behind the degrading condition of the hairs. So, please take a good care of your hairs in order to protect them from these issues. The problem of the Alopecia areate can be treated if you used the proper medication. The first thing would be to visit the trichologist (hair specialist). One of the best methods to cure this hair loss issue is through the usage of the Propecia pills. You can also opt for the usage of the minoxidil. But, please consult the doctor before using any of these medications. So, this is just an overview of Alopecia areate. To get more information on it consult the trichologist.

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