Hair covers most of the scalp, and consists of a very large number of hairs. Each hair has its roots embedded in the skin and stalks that protrude above the skin. The role of hair is twofold. Hair is covering the head and has a protective function because it prevents heat loss. Hair serves as a decoration too. Therefore, the hair should be treated carefully and in case of need, appropriate treatment should be taken.

Although we are all very susceptible to hair loss, experts believe that 50-80 and even up to 100 hair falls a day should not worry us. Hair is naturally regenerated, the old hair falls out and replaced with new ones, which is especially present and noticeable in the autumn and spring. On the contrary, more than 100 hairs a day is a sufficient reason for concern and to seek the causes that led to excessive hair loss.

The cause of hair loss is different-eating disorder, mechanical pressure on the hair, the use of harsh shampoos, infectious diseases. Before you go to find a cure for hair loss, you must first consider well whether it is a hereditary disease or characteristic. Factors such as condition of the hair of your parents, relatives, when your hair started falling out, what is your current physically condition should be taken in consideration.

In both cases the most important is systematic action. You have to decide that you can deal with this condition because only occasional or partial response will not bring any improvement. First and foremost is to reduce stress. It seems easy to say but hard to really reduce stress. If you already can’t avoid its effects, try some relaxation techniques, meditation, exercise, etc.

Meals should be balanced, with enough vitamins and minerals, and regular meals. If you can’t ensure an adequate intake of vitamins try to compensate for their lack of taking vitamin preparations.

Important hair vitamin is H (biotin), protein, zinc, iron, biotin, make them diet based on fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, meat, liver, dairy products and whole grains, and dietary supplements purchased at a pharmacy.

For hair wash use a mild neutral shampoo. In addition to the above can help the scalp and herbal preparations. All of the above can be purchased in almost any pharmacy or herbal drugstore.

In autumn and spring, or in the period in which you notice that you are beginning to lose hair, treat it with more specific treatments (vials, hair masks or supplements).


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