Hair loss is a serious major problem that will affect anyone. When your hair follicles begin to die then the condition of hair loss begins.

There was a research that was produced by the Health and Wellness Institute of the UK back in 2009, that has said there was approximately 90,000 men and women just in the UK suffering from hair loss.  Hair loss can eventually lead to depression or another type of mental illness.

There are many factors that cause hair loss. Some of the main ones are listed:

1. Genetic

In many cases, the most common cause of hair loss is related to genetics. Hair loss can be inherited from both your mother and your father.

2. Medication

Some drugs used to treat even common diseases can contribute to hair loss. The drug-induced hair loss there are: gout drugs, arthritis, anti cancer drugs, anti-thyroid drugs, antidepressants, Epilepsy drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs, hypertension drugs, and many more. It is importat to ask your doctor before you use medicines.

3. Poor nutrition

A diet that lacks protein, iron, zinc, copper, selenium or other nutrients may contribute to experience hair loss. Getting the right nutritional can help your hair grow.

 4. Disease

Certain illnesses, infections, and diseases can contribute to hair loss. Among the disease  that are known to cause hair loss like  anemia, ringworm, seborrheic, syphilis, diabetes lupus, thyroid and cancer.

5. Lack of your hair care

Those who have a habit to  pull hair too tightly or twist their hairs often leaving bald patches.

Chemicals used for dying, tinting, bleaching, straightening or permanent waves also can damage to the hair structure and lead to hair loss..

5. Stress

For Some People stress can cause hair loss. Learn ways to reduce stress before they affect hair growth.

6. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes and imbalances can lead to hair loss. This could be caused by pregnancy, child birth, Menopause, discontinuation of birth control pills, and abnormal activity of thyroid gland.

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