oth men and women can have thinning and balding hair early in life. There are many natural ingredients you can try to help stop the hair thinning and loss. Hair loss treatments can be very simple with products you may already have in your home. Green tea will prevent hair loss and even help your hair grow. Try using two bags of tea in one cup of water and then rub it into your scalp and hair for about an hour. Rinse your hair really good and style as usual. With the antioxidants in green tea, you will see a big difference in a few days. You may also try boiling potatoes and rosemary and use it as a hair rinse daily. This will help hair loss and also will give your hair a great fragrance.

Between our available products, ask for a CRP shampoo, formulated with many ingredients that helps with hair loss and baldness. It will prevent inflammation, dandruff and oily scalp. Your hair will become thicker with a boost of growth.

Keeping your scalp clean is very important. Heavy oils can clog the pores which leads to damage. Horsetail can thoroughly cleaned your scalp and reduce buildup of oil.

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