Hair loss in women is a very anxiety-provoking condition because hair is a symbol of youth, vitality and beauty. Hair loss can occur anywhere on the head, but it usually starts thinning at the crown or part. Losing massive amounts of hair can be a direct result of a health problem. Numerous factors can contribute to [...]

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Hair implants were developed as a result of in depth medical and scientific research. The implantation process is categorised as a minor surgical procedure, which utilises artificial hair that doesn’t cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Hair implants have been determined to be completely safe. Hair implantation is a procedure that allows individuals to regain [...]

Biofibre Hair Implant for Treatment of Balding

Hair Implant Developed as the result of a long and thorough Medical and Scientific Research, the Biofibre Hair Implant is a light aesthetic surgery procedure, safe and effective, that makes possible to obtain a high, completely natural Hair Thickening with an Immediate Aesthetic Result for Male and Female Baldness (alopecia). Safety and Effectiveness of the [...]

What is Biofibre Hair Implant ?

What is Biofibre Hair Implant ? Biocompatible artificial hair are undetectable to natural hair  Multiple colour of choice, length varies (from 15 to 45 cm) and (straight, wavy and curly) shape as per require Patient will have an immediate good aesthetic result without any discomfort  Simple, safe, quick and effective outpatient skin aesthetic surgery    [...]

Hair Transplants: what is it, recovery, risks and costs

Like good health and youth, most of us take a thick head of hair for granted -- that is, until it is gone. For many people, hair transplantprocedures can help bring back the appearance of a full -- or at least a fuller -- head of hair. What Is a Hair Transplant? Used in the [...]

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Potential baldness treatment grows new hair using patient’s own cells

Current hair transplantation techniques essentially rob Peter to pay Paul, redistributing hair, usually from the back of the head, to the balding area. However, according to Angela M. Christiano, PhD, from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC), about 90 percent of women with hair loss are not strong candidates for hair transplantation surgery because of insufficient [...]

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Hair Transplants: 9 Things You Should Know about

Hair Transplants can be a great way to boost confidence, helping you look and feel better for your age. Hair Transplants can also be done badly – something we wanted people to know how to avoid. We have put together 10 things you should know before having a hair transplant and why you should choose [...]

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Hair Transplant Repair in London

A significant number of hair restoration surgeries are to correct the appearance of poorly performed hair transplants. Some of these resulted from using outdated methods; such as plug-procedures, mini-grafts or scalp reductions. Other problems were caused by poor techniques, improper planning, or from transplanting patients who were not appropriate candidates for surgery. Unfortunately, many of [...]

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Hair Loss or Alopecia: Factors & Treatments

Hair loss or alopecia, is a very common presenting symptom and there are a range of conditions that can cause it. Hair loss is categorized into two broad categories: scarring, which leads to permanent destruction of the hair follicle, and nonscarring, in which the hair follicles remain intact. The vast majority of hair loss is [...]

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