What is Biofibre Hair Implant ?

  • Biocompatible artificial hair are undetectable to natural hair 
  • Multiple colour of choice, length varies (from 15 to 45 cm) and (straight, wavy and curly) shape as per require
  • Patient will have an immediate good aesthetic result without any discomfort 
  • Simple, safe, quick and effective outpatient skin aesthetic surgery 


How is the Biofibre Implanted?

  • It is performed by using a special implanter to hook the reversible knots at the end of the biofibre hair and insert it manually one by one into the scalp under aseptic techinique without any pain or discomfort until the desired hair volume is obtained
  • After the implantation, patient can resume to his/her social life, with the desidered look and psychological wellness


  Any Post Biofibre Implant care needed?


  • The immediate post-implant treatment includes local and general antibiotics treatment for 5-6 days. 
  • It is recommended to treat hair with care by avoiding abrupt manoeuvres so as to prevent freshly implanted hair to move to the surface 
  • Suitable hair shampoos are recommended after implant for 2 months
  • Proper hygiene and a proper after care 
  • Periodical medical check up and yearly fibers integration is suggested

How long do I have to wait until a Biofibre implant is stabilized? 

  • A final complete adhesion of hair requires 20/30 days


How many Biofibre hairs are implanted during each implant session?

  • To achieve a gradual aesthetic improvement a quantity of 800-1500 Biofibre Hair per single session is suggested 

Can I have a Biofibre Hair Implant during therapy with Minoxidil and Finasteride? 

  • Yes, it can be held simultaneously 

How frequent can Biofibre Hair Implant sessions be held? 

  • Further implant treatments are performed after 3 – 4 weeks on the same area of the scalp and after 1-2 weeks on different area

How long will the aesthetic result of a Biofibre Hair Implant last? 

  • It can last for years, however an annual loss of approximately 10 % of the implanted fibers has been reported

Who’s Suitable for Biofibre Hair Implant?

  • Baldness at any stage and any age or patient who refuses to use a wig, Female and Male Hair Thinning, Scarring alopecia or in any case which need a quick increase in density or volume of hair
  • Depletion or absence of a donor area for hair transplant


How many Biofibre hair are necessary for a generalized hair loss? 

  • Approximately 2,500 Biofibre hairs are sufficient to obtain a good aesthetic result

What is the Safety and Effectiveness of the Biofibre Hair Implant ?

  • The raw materials used in Biofibre hair are biocompatable and is FDA approved for medical use 
  • The roots of biofibre hair implant is extractable, hence it is fully reversible  in case on need
  • Implantation of biofibre hair is done by using an Implanter which ensure a correct implant procedure for long-lasting aesthetic result
  • It is performed by doctors expert and qualified doctor performing 
  • Suitable patient’s selection and Biofibre tolerance test

What’s the advantages of Biofibre Hair Implant?

  • You can see immediate and natural aesthetic result 
  • Achieve high hair volume in a just few hours
  • Simple, quick, reversible, painless outpatient procedure
  • Quick recovery time 
  • Continue with sporty lifestyle even soon after implant
  • Gradual and progressive hair thickening
  • Economically affordable
  • No burdensome maintenance for desired aesthetic result
  • Can be performed or stopped when desired 
  • Can be performed alone or in combination with other medical or surgical treatments

 Disadvantages of Biofibre Hair Implant?

  • Re-implants in needed along the years to maintain the aesthetic result achieved
  • Suitable scalp hygiene and after care maintenance
  • Not recommended for patients who are sensitive to the before implant test or suffering from other scalp diseases 

Hair Transplant Vs Hair Implant:

Hair transplant 

  • Implantation of hair bulbs that provide a natural looking aesthetic result
  • Hair bulbs are harvest from the (donor) nape of the patient and transplant them to 1,2, 3 or more bulbs in the thin hair and/or bald area. 
  • If applicable and  properly performed this surgical procedure today gives satisfying results in the large majority of cases.
  • More invasive surgical procedures than implant 
  • Final aesthetic result is best visible 9 -12 months after the procedure
  • Applicable only if the patient has a sufficient donor site. 
  • Limited donor area (nape) and not all transplanted hair will regrow
  • Best results seen in medium severity baldness 


Hair Implant

  • Implantation of artificial biocompatible hair which provide natural good aesthetic result
  • Simple, quick, outpatient procedure 
  • Offers an immediate aesthetic result and a high volume of hairs 
  • Suitable in solving male and female Baldness at any age and stage
  • Small periodical reimplants to maintain the desired level of hair density 
  • Need  proper scalp hygiene and after care
  • Best results are seen in  cases of hair thinning and on medium severity baldness

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